Swim Spas

Jacuzzi® Swim Spa is ideal for those who want to stay in shape or add water-based strengthening or aerobic exercise into their training regime.

Jacuzzi® Swim Spa requires much less space in your home or garden than a swimming pool, providing even the strongest swimmer with a fantastic swimming experience all year round.

There are two collections of Jacuzzi® Swim Spa: PowerPro™ and PowerActive™.

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The Jacuzzi® PowerPro™ collection combines the best aquatic technology with the therapeutic power of Jacuzzi® PowerPro® Jets for the best high performance swim experience on the market.


The Jacuzzi® PowerActive™ collection is perfect for aqua fitness and family fun; it combines the power of a low-impact water workout with the entertainment of a year-round swimming pool.


Jacuzzi® Swim Spa PowerPlay™ offers two functions in one: as a Swim Spa, it is ideal for training in your home garden adapting to the smallest of spaces. As a Hot Tub, it is ideal for relaxing with family, thanks to its large size and its ergonomic, comfortable eight seats.

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